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One of the reasons you need to delegate is to create a sufficient amount of time for you to understand longer terms strategies and technological innovation. Find out if any releases are due today and any problems which need the input of the chief technology officer. They have to be open-minded and willing to learn about and try new ideas.

In a tech startup that is promoting new and innovative ideas, it’s pretty much mandatory to have a qualified CTO to inspire trust in the product that they are building. Rewarding their team for exceptional performance and contributing to the development of products is a large part of a CTO’s job. CTOs should go out of their way to make sure good work gets recognized. It’s also important for a technical leader to improve the product by listening to ideas from the developers they oversee, advocating for innovative ideas, and finding paths to their implementation. Whether it’s Scrum, Agile, or Lean, how a product is developed ultimately determines the overall development process overall.

chief technology officer roles and responsibilities

Once in the shadow of the CIO, CTOs are now transforming into innovation-focused technologists – and the business can’t get enough of them. Assist departments and coordinate various engineering practices to reduce cost and improve quality of projects. The road to becoming a CTO is often a long journey, but that doesn’t make it any less rewarding and reputable. If this job is a goal of yours, be it the near future or a long-term one, here are the steps you are more or less expected to take and skills to develop in order to make it as a CTO. Overseeing and monitoring Key Performance Indicators of employee productivity, processes, tools, and overall product delivery. Researching and discovering new technologies that can be implemented to accelerate work processes.

Great Communication Skills

Attending numerous meetups to establish contacts with business partners is also part of the responsibilities of CTO. Furthermore, such meetups may aid in the identification of skilled and experienced developers for future collaboration. How can the specialist playing the role of CTO in IT company be remunerated? In the United States, the average salary for a CTO ranges between $130,000 and $195,000 per annum depending on the company’s sector. According to a 2018 report from the InfoSec Institute, CTOs in the financial sector earn around $200,000, while e-commerce CTOs earn around $76,000.

Your experience includes executive leadership roles demonstrating a track record of technology innovation, design, development, and implementation. A strong CTO is essential for a tech startup’s success since they are in charge of all technology-related issues. The chief technology officer or CTO is one of the most undefined positions among C-level management. Their main goal is to fulfill the company’s business requirements through tech innovations accelerating its growth. An experienced chief tech officer can offer progressive concepts to the startup and find advanced solutions. So, to hire CTOs, you need to realize the CTO roles and responsibilities.

chief technology officer roles and responsibilities

Such a CTO type is a perfect fit for a tech startup, reckoning that their product will interest their core audience and investors through the technologies. A chief technology officer is a key C-suite executive responsible for spearheading the tech initiatives of a company. Discover how this leadership role is indispensable for supporting an organization’s overall business goals.

Cto Vs Cio: Whats The Difference?

If you are a technology visionary with expertise in technological development who executes that vision, we want to hear from you! Working directly with the CEO, you will act as both a technology and business expert, making decisions impacting current and future operations. As the CTO, you will oversee all technology and technological resources, establish the technology vision, https://globalcloudteam.com/ strategies, and growth plans. You will also lead system and quality assurance processes to ensure the protection of Utilities’ assets while maintaining and evolving technology needs. The ideal person for this role will have the requisite experience, skills, passion and leadership capabilities necessary to drive continued rapid and profitable growth for our Company.

  • Monitoring of social, technological, and scientific trends, to ensure that the companys business goals are achieved.
  • Her goal is to help businesses understand and reach their target audience in new, creative ways.
  • Andra Picincu is a digital marketing consultant with over 10 years of experience.
  • The smallest of businesses can be on equal footing with industry giants given the right technology strategies.
  • Technology influences a company’s ability to scale up, communicate with customers and keep up with the industry trends.

This may include managing access to certain technologies and applications on the company network, responding to outages and cyber hacks, and backing up key data. You may cut down on recruitment time by partnering with an outsourcing vendor. Software development specialists will explain to you what are the roles and responsibilities of a CTO in a startup company and provide IT consulting services.

Having a CTO with the ability to manage people effectively while teams scale-up is very beneficial for a tech startup. This extends to hiring, setting goals, and in some cases, firing staff. A CTO at a tech startup must have the ability to identify clearly who they are building for and plan the project around these specifications.

CTOs need strong communication skills to convey the technology needs of an organization and implement new technologies. Other soft skills needed include problem-solving, time management and multitasking. In addition to fixing IT-related issues, the CTO is responsible for developing, implementing, managing and evaluating the company’s technology resources. The goal of a CTO is to examine short- and long-term needs while using capital to make investments that aid the organization in reaching its goals.

Sometimes known as a Chief Technical Officer, this individual thoroughly examines the short and long-term needs of an organization. They then sanction investments designed to help the organization reach its objectives. An experienced CTO is often the oracle of technology within their organization. They bring progressive ideas to the company and find advanced tech solutions. Creating technology strategies for the development of an organization. Top 5 chief data officer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

Explained: What Is A Cto?

And yet, the Chief Technology Officer is one of the most undefined positions among C-level management making it important to identify CTO roles and responsibilities. The CTO makes all executive decisions with regard to the technological interests of a company. They are responsible for outlining the company’s technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that the technological resources are aligned with the company’s business needs.

chief technology officer roles and responsibilities

Another important responsibility of the CTO is to be the face of technology for the company. This means attending conferences to not only learn more about important technology news, but also to represent the company’s technology initiatives within a certain market. Mead said that he attends conferences and seminars, and speaks to the media to represent SPR’s technology and business goals. The role of the chief technology officer encompasses far more than IT management.

Hence, it’s important for a CTO to have a solid grasp of its target market to deliver IT projects successfully. They fulfill this role by aiding acquisition efforts, building the company’s presence and voice, and keeping up on competitive trends, both in the market and among partners. The CTO keeps an eye out for new technological developments that can help the company improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Internally, companies are using technological innovation to break down functional silos. Those who do it best are able to offer a superior, end-to-end customer experience.

“What’s going to make the difference is being able to engage with the business, being able to influence business stakeholders, and ultimately drive new revenue via technology,” she says. Coordinate with company project engineers and achieve all company objectives and assist HR department to recruit and train engineering staff. Prepare and maintain project budgets and ensure compliance to all project schedule and ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Recruiting and finding new acquisitions for the tech team of the company.

Customer Champion

Cleveroad is a skillful IT outsourcing company headquartered in Estonia, Central Europe. Since 2011, we’ve been assisting startups and organizations of all kinds in acquiring the latest technologies and products. It’s critical for the CTO to have solid time management abilities because they are responsible for assigning duties and setting deadlines for the team. In addition, Chief Technology Officers must stick to their meeting schedules, read reports, etc., according to the standard job description of CTO. Many CTOs experience problems in achieving reliable customer reviews. It assists the tech team in determining which features of the product need to be improved and which ones may be eliminated.


In this position, the Big Thinker is freely supported to think as ambitious as possible. Established companies often look for this branch of CTO, very seldom startups. Learn to navigate emergencies, execute strategies, and optimize systems with the competencies within this specialty MBA. Find out how different WGU is about personalizing and supporting your education.

A good example is the master of science in management information systems at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Nearly 28 percent of spending on application software, system infrastructure and other key IT areas will shift to the cloud by 2022, according to Gartner. Furthermore, the investment in cloud services and infrastructure will more than double by 2023, reports the International Data Corporation.

While they don’t have to concern themselves with coding tasks (with the exception of start-ups and smaller companies), CTOs must have a solid background in development and knowledge of software architecture. They are also expected to be skilled in security and privacy management, as they must work to prevent data leaks and breaches within the company. As a C-level position, a good Chief Technology Officer must primarily be someone who is always eager and willing to learn and keep up with new technologies and developments.

Notable Ctos

The real difference in earnings will not be so much in wages but in benefits, capital, commissions, and the overall work experience they have. In some situations, the CTO may command more authority, get more of the CEO’s attention, and even be paid more than the CIO. Cynthia Stoddard of Adobe has 25 years of experience in the role of CIO. Hiring a CTO on-site can be a laborious process, let alone the sky-high cost for such an expert. CTOs are able to rattle the status quo, take leadership, and see beyond traditional approaches. Communicate effectively the working of the technology to all our partners to keep them engaged.

Moreover, their job responsibilities call for a range of skills they must possess and hone over time. In order to craft a strong vision, a CTO needs to have profound technical skills and a thorough understanding of business. CTOs need to have the proper tools to create and channel this vision into something real. While the exact form these roles take depends on a company’s size and position in their industry, the right CTO is one of the most important hires for your business.

CIO controls everything from corporate strategies to help desks and implements new tools to improve business processes. The CTO is responsible for developing and delivering a product or service. He makes sure that the technical goals are aligned with the overall business goals and identifies ways to improve the offering. The scope of responsibilities lies in the realm of solution architecture, team leadership, and software development. This type has a lot in common with a senior-level software engineer, who has experience in leading an engineering team.

SaaS and information companies have found that it is essential to have an executive who is conversant with the technology, infrastructure, and engineering required to produce their company’s product/service. An “Infrastructure Manager” usually reports to the CIO—a Chief Information Officer. The CIO’s main goal is using their managerial skills to hone how effective the company is, whereas the CTO takes the role of improving efficiency for a large group of engineers or IT specialists. In this sense, the CTO is not usually an officer but more of a manager with an internal support role for the systems and architecture of a large company. In short, a Chief Technical Officer connects the technical details of a product to the rigors of corporate decision-making.

Whats The Difference Between A Cto And Cio?

Bob Violino is a freelance writer who covers a variety of technology and business topics. CTOs on average earn a salary of $163,309 per year, according to PayScale, a firm that provides a compensation platform to calculate compensation rates. Total compensation for these positions ranges from $89,000 chief technology officer roles and responsibilities to $294,000 per year. Depending on the organizational structure, CTOs can report to various other C-level executives. “The role of the CTO continues to evolve,” says Craig Stephenson, managing director for the North America Technology Officers Practice at organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry.

Many big businesses, however, have both – and that’s where things get complicated. “It’s so nuanced and the title in itself can mean so many things to many different people,” says Haake. “It’s difficult to say what the perfect CTO looks like because it will be led by what sector you’re in, how big the organisation is and what the ultimate product or service is.”

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